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Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Saturday, December 24
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      Statement on the 2016 Election

       The United Methodist Church
        Los Angeles Episcopal Area
       Grant J. Hagiya, Resident Bishop

For several months now, we have been pondering the question of, “how will I vote?” Today, so many of us, no matter how we voted, are now in the midst of answering the next question of, “how will I live?”

This election in particular has clearly been an emotionally turbulent period of our history. And, the results of the election have revealed to us how truly divided we are as a nation. The reality is that we are a diverse people, something of which we have been keenly aware here in the California-Pacific Conference.

Diversity is not only manifest in the realm of political or social issues, but also in the state of being of many near us. While some might celebrate yesterday's outcome, there are others who are now feeling fearful of its consequences because of their personal identity, because of their immigration status, or as they painfully hear questions from their children about whether or not their future is whole and secure.

In such a time as this, I believe that we as United Methodists must embrace the deeper question of, “how will I lead?”

We are a people of Christian faith who carry a unique message of healing, restoration and prophetic witness. We need to be the caring voice of calm and healing to a divided nation. We also must be willing to take bold prophetic stands if the least and most vulnerable of our community are harmed and mistreated. I believe that it is our call to carry this message to whomever our neighbors might be and however our communities might be composed.

My prayer for you is that you might join me in fulfilling our call in this important moment as clergy, laity, members, or otherwise of the California-Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop
The United Methodist Church

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